Ecosystem in a Box!

by  Green King

Description :

The Green King team from Alexandreia had always been fascinated by the natural world and the mysteries it holds. They wanted to learn more about how different organisms interact with each other and how they can create their own little ecosystems. So, they decided to create a tiny jungle of their own. 

They found the glass box that was just the right size. They carefully planted all their favorite plants inside, making sure that each one had enough space and nutrients to grow.

But they knew that a jungle wouldn’t be complete without some creepy crawlies, so they went out and found a whole bunch of different bugs to add to their box. They found a snail, spiders and insects!

 Over the next few days, the Green King team observed their mini jungle with fascination. They watched as the snails slowly moved across the leaves and the spiders spun their webs to catch unsuspecting prey.

Green King

Hello everybody! We are Green King, a group of children from 6 to 13 years old! We come from different corners of the world, and we have all met here in Alexandria! What brings us together is not only our common living place, but also our love of all things nature, plants, animals, and science! For the past few months, we have focused on the study of the environment and ecosystems by developing our terrarium project! Through our activities we are about to present you what we have learned about the interactions of the environment with its surroundings! Enjoy the ride with us!

from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo

teacher:  Spyros Giannopoulos

location: Alexandreia, Greece


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Alexandros Sakellariou

on 23/05/2023

Very nice idea to teach students that for an ecosystem to exist and be balanced, plants, "prey", and "predators" are living together and are connected.
Also, it's just awesome to have your personal jungle to inspect!