Volcano and Flying Teabags!

by  One Journey

Description :

Get ready to blast off into the world of science with the One Journey team from Koutsohero, Greece!

First up, they made a volcano erupt using baking soda, soap and vinegar. It was like a mini explosion right in their classroom with lava running everywhere ,well, it was just baking soda, but it looked like lava! The poor dinosaurs and LED flowers didn’t make it…

But that’s not all. The One Journey team also showed us how to make tea bags fly like hot air balloons. They set the tea bags on fire  and created a magic hot air balloon that lifted the tea bag up and away!

Who knew science could be so amazing and fun? The One Journey team sure did, and they’re inspiring us to explore the world of science and discover even more incredible things.

One Journey

Hello everyone!
Let us introduce our team!
Our team is called “One Journey”!
We are a group of students that is united in this journey of science and knowledge.
We are young (ages 6-12) and passionate about performing science experiments while learning at the
same time. Our team is consisted by students from different backgrounds (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, D.R.
Congo and Kurdish) and we have created a unique group of people that collaborates successfully, and we
have fun as well.
We are very excited to participate in this year’s festival and interact with students from other schools
and watch their work.
Our teacher is our guide in order to conduct our experiments with safety and success and he always
explains to us the meaning of what we see during our performances.
We are here and look forward to meet you all.

from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo

teacher:  Thanos Papathanasiou & Aziz Azizi

location: Koutsohero, Greece


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from our Mentor

Nargis Kohgadai

on 20/05/2023

Bravo, team One Journey! What a cool experiment. Took me back to my middle school years, when my team had a similar project, but instead of a volcano we had to create a village on a mountain. It was a fun project, but this one is cooler because you guys are using everyday items like soap and vinegar to illustrate a natural phenomenon. Keep the focus and fun going!