A global online science festival
for displaced students and their teachers!

May 8-21, 2023The Festival is now live! Check out the amazing 2023 science projects! Accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education for the 2022-23 school year.

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Refugee and displaced students experience interrupted education, are often excluded from schools in hosting countries and have few opportunities of attending science classes.

The Science United Festival provides an online science fair for displaced students and their teachers to share science projects with a global community and receive encouragement and feedback from refugee scientist mentors to help foster a love for science, grow scientific literacy, and spark interest in science as a potential future career.
The Science United Festival is accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education for the school year 2022-23, so public school student teams can join with their teachers.



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Who We are

Science United Festival is a Science United Project’s initiative that started in 2022 by Erika Gillette EdD and Katerina Tsikalaki MScEd.

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Science United Festival is realized with the kind support of Blossom Hill Foundation, a US based nonprofit organization founded in 2009 by Shiva Sarram, a former child of war from Iran.

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