Saving the Sea through Recycling!

by  Balloon team

Description :

Balloon team has focused on cleaning the sea and helping the marine organisms that live there!
Keeping the sea clean is not an easy task… it requires teamwork and devotion. Balloon team has both qualities! They picked up trash from the sea and separated them in categories in order to recycle them. Afterwards, Balloon Team cleaned the liquid litter by separating water and oil using a syringe!

Balloon team

Our team is called “Balloon Team”, named after our favorite experiment with a balloon that is inflated with the aid of the reaction between baking soda and vinegar in a bottle. The team, excited with all the experiments that are demonstrated in the classroom and all the knowledge it has been gaining through them, is ready to perform a special experiment for the participation at the Science United Festival. The young scientists are 6, 7 and 8 years old and are stating that they are ready to get to know and discover the world!!

from Iran, Afghanistan

teacher:  Stella Mantzikou

location: Kavala, Greece


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The Perfect Einsteins & Mr. Nikos

on 30/05/2022

Balloon team ,
we really love the idea of your experiments and how you show us the importance of protecting our plants ,by cleanig the sea , and you combine it with a chemical experiments. We are sure that you are going to inspire us in order also protect our planents and our animals!

from our Mentor

Jamal Rnjbal

on 23/05/2022

The first job of a scientist is to help make the world a better place, and Balloon team just showed us a great way to do it, keeping the sea clean is so important for all the animals that live in the sea, and for all humanity. And I just learned how to separate water from oil using a syringe. Good Job Balloon team, we need more scientists like you to save the earth and the sea.

Louise Dasaro, M.S.Ed. Science United Festival Organizing Committee

on 22/05/2022

Balloon Team! You showed excellent care working together and using tools to separate trash from the beach so that it could be recycled. And using the beautiful, colorful team drawings brought attention to the importance of what you are doing for all of the earth. I was very interested to see how you cleaned the water by separating the oil from it. Every living being depends on water and who knows what other ideas might blossom from this one. You are bright, young scientists and you are our future! I believe in you. Hold on to your dedication to learning. The world needs people like you! Thank you for your contribution to the global science community.

from our Mentor

Nargis Kohgadai

on 19/05/2022

Wonderful Job, Balloon Team. I am very impressed with your drawing and separating the oil from water so meticulously. I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for cleaning up the beach, and separating the trash in order to recycle them. It is a big responsibility on tiny shoulders, but you all showed amazing will power and compassion towards our planet. I feel safe knowing our future is in great hands.

from our Mentor

Dr. Rana Mustafa

on 19/05/2022

Thank you Stella Mantzikou for guiding this great experiment. The idea of the balloon and teaching students at this early age chemical reaction between backing soda and vinegar is great. That will open their imagination about the use of chemistry in real life. The project about cleaning the sea is very interesting at this time because climate change is a worldwide concern. Thank you for all the lovely hands who drew such a beautiful drawings to illustrate the projects. You are such a great young scientists. I noticed how carefully you were cleaning the water and separating the oil and trying to collaborate between each other to complete the task is fascinating. Good luck . I trust you will continue on this path and be great adding to the scientific community.