Building a Colored Windmill!

by  Black Iris

Description :

The Black Iris team from Azraq, Jordan, decided to build something super cool – a colorful 3D model of a windmill! But instead of using boring old materials, they used colorful popsicle sticks in all different colors. They carefully glued them together one by one, making sure that everything was just right. And when they were finished, they had an amazing windmill that spun around! It was like a rainbow come to life, right there in their classroom.

Black Iris

We are the Black Iris team and we love it that we are so different from each other and we make a great team!
Some of our members love team work, one of us likes to be a leader, others like to learn quitely and more individualy. Some of us like science and crafts, others are interested in natural sources while some like to paint! It is amazing that some of us love to help, supporting each other means the world!

from Syria

teacher:  Malak AlZuite & Renad Bdour

location: Azraq, Jordan


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