A Model of the Human Lungs!

by  Dub-Dub-A Team

Description :

Team Dub-Dub-A will help you build your own model of the human lungs with simple materials!

Dub-Dub-A Team

Hello! we are a small group from north Greece consisting of 10 students from Syria and Iraq aged 6 to 10 years old. We go to school every day with smile!  We love experiments ⚗, ice cream 🍦and sun 🌞! We are friends with each other, and we will try to learn, have fun, laugh but also to show you our beautiful effort!

from Syria, Iraq

teacher:  Eva Athanasiadou

location: Thessaloniki, Greece


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from our Mentor

Nargis Kohgadai

on 27/05/2022

Amazing job, Dub-Dub-A Team! What an innovative experiment...that too using everyday items. I can not even articulate how proud I feel that you all are learning such complicated physiology and anatomy of human body. Please continue being this enthusiastic about science and your careers. I am sending you all the positive energy.

from our Mentor

Dr. Rana Mustafa

on 25/05/2022

Thank you all and thanks to the teacher for this simple and powerful idea. I loved it and I will share this video with my nieces in Syria to try it. Keep going to school with your great smile. This smile will make difference in your future.

Super-Natural Squad

on 23/05/2022


Amazing work team Dub-Dub-A!

We enjoyed your experiment on creating a replica of human lungs and we would love to perform it to our class too!!

Thank you!

from our Mentor

Jamal Rnjbal

on 23/05/2022

The human body is truly amazing, I just learned how to create a model of the human lungs using very simple material thanks to the talented Dub-Dub-A team and their amazing teacher Eva. keep going to school, working hard, and smiling. PS: I love ice cream and the sun too!