How Big Is Our Planet?

by  Eratosthenes Para Todos

Description :

Eratosthenes Para Todos Team has calculated the Earths circumference!
They had to do things very fast, because their window of opportunity was very narrow. On March 21st, at exactly 12:12 Samos island local time, the Sun’s light-beams fall on Earth’s equator vertically and nobody has a shadow there! At the same time, in Samos island, at the school yard of the Eratosthenes Para Todos Team, the light-beams reach the ground with a very important angle.  Eratosthenes Para Todos Team have used very simple instruments to measure the triangle formed by a stick and its shadow. They then calculated the angle formed by the Sun’s beams and the surface of the Earth and used this information to calculate the Earths circumference!

Eratosthenes Para Todos

from Greece, Syria, Easter Island

teacher:  Ms. Meropi

location: Samos, Greece


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from our Mentor

Jamal Rnjbal

on 23/05/2022

Eratosthenes Para Todos. Are you secret physicists and engineers? Because wow that was impressive mathematical work! And I admire Carl Sagan as much as you do. Bright future ahead of you. never stop learning!

Louise Dasaro, M.S.Ed. Science United Festival Organizing Committee

on 22/05/2022

What a wonderful project! I was so proud to see that you measured and measured and measured to have a large sample number. By creating such an exciting video, using music, text, and graphics, you shared the information and what you learned clearly. I especially liked that you shared what materials were needed and what steps were taken so that I could understand easily and replicate the process! Bravo! Continue asking questions and seeking answers! You are all global scientists and our future.

from our Mentor

Dr. Rana Mustafa

on 19/05/2022

The circumference of the earth! what a great idea to explore. I liked how you used simple math in real life problems. Thanks to the teacher Ms. Meropi for guiding this project and a big thank you to all students for their collaborative and team work. I am sure you gained hands on experience with this project and that is fantastic.

from our Mentor

Nargis Kohgadai

on 18/05/2022

I absolutely loved this experiment. Like true scientists, you were very thorough with your materials and methods section to get to your result. You did not stop at one measurement, instead increased your sample size to compensate for any measurement errors. The description of the experiment was concise and easy to follow. The background music was apt. And finally, you all educated me about the circumference of the earth. Thank you for that and good luck!