The Magic Ink!

by  The Little Thinker

Description :

The Little Thinkers from Azraq, Jordan feeling like super spies and wanted to send secret messages to each other! But they knew they had to be careful – how could they do it without anyone else finding out? They put on their thinking caps and came up with a plan!

First, they took some lemon juice and used q-tips to write their messages on paper. But to the naked eye, it just looked like they were drawing with a blank q-tip! That’s because lemon juice is a special kind of ink that’s invisible!

Next, they held their papers over a candle flame, being very careful not to burn them. And what happened next was like magic! The heat from the flame caused the lemon juice to darken and reveal the hidden message!

The Little Thinker

We are the Little Thinker team and we love the Science United Festival!
We love Jordan and our school, and some of us like music, others like science and experiments and others like crafts!
Let us know what you think of our experiment, we hope you like it and you can make it yourselves.

from Syria

teacher:  Malaki AlZuite

location: Azraq, Jordan


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from our Mentor

Nargis Kohgadai

on 20/05/2023

Great work Little thinkers or should I say detectives. I honestly did not know that one can do that with lemon Juice. Thank you for educating me! I wish all the best of luck in your education and career. With the right focus and hard work, you'll achieve great things in life.