A Model of our Brain!

by  Schismokh Team

Description :

 Do you know what’s inside your head? It’s your brain! And the Schismokh Team from Schisto, Greece wanted to learn more about it, so they made some awesome models of the human brain.

First, they used colorful playdoh to make a 3D model of the brain. They shaped it to look just like the real thing, with all the different parts labeled and colored and they also made a model of the nervous system using paper and straws.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, they also made a 3D model of the brain using paper! They cut out all the different parts and glued them together to make a brain that you can hold in your hands.

The Schismokh Team showed us that learning about the brain can be super fun and creative. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll become a brain scientist and make your own awesome models!

Schismokh Team

We figured if we were going to be accused of having no brain, we might as well make a model to prove everyone wrong! Enjoy our project about the human brain in the video! The Arabic word for brain is مخ (“mokh”), and since we live in Schisto we decided we are the Schismokh Team! We are a group of teenagers, we speak Arabic, Kurmanji, Sorani, English and Greek and we participate in the DRC Non-Formal Education classes. We like playing PUBG and music. When we grow older, we would like to become hairdressers, lawyers, scientists, interpreters and happy people! We are dreaming of traveling all around the world, be experts in videogames, learn perfect Greek and ace the exams!

from Iraq, Kurdistan (Iraq)

teacher:  Maya Tripalitaki

location: Schisto, Greece


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One Journey + Mr. Thanos & Amu Aziz

on 15/05/2023

Hello team Schismokh!!
We really liked your activity and the crafting of this brain model.
It is was a very interesting and clever idea.

Thank you.

from our Mentor

Dr. Rana Mustafa

on 10/05/2023

Schismokh Team, firstly I liked the name. Secondly, the use of playdoh and paper and straws to create 3D models of the brain and nervous system is a great way to engage with and understand complex concepts. I appreciate your creativity and attention to detail in labeling and coloring the different parts of the brain. Keep up the good work and continue to explore different ways to learn and enjoy science.