The Water Rises!

by  Science Crew

Description :

Have you ever blown out a candle? Of course you have! But have you ever wondered why the flame goes out when you blow on it? It’s not magic, it’s science! And the Science  Crew from Larissa , Greece wanted to find out more about it.

They set up an experiment to see how the air pressure affects the candle flame. First, they put a candle in a container and sealed it up tight with a lid. As the candle burned, it used up all the oxygen in the container, which made the air pressure drop lower than the pressure outside the container. It was like a vacuum in there! And you know what happens when there’s a vacuum, right? The lid got sucked down tight, putting out the flame in the process.

So, there you have it! Blowing out a candle is not just about making a wish, it’s about the power of air pressure and vacuums! Now, let’s all blow out a candle and see if we can create our own vacuums!

Science Crew

Hello! We are the Science Crew from Larissa😎😎 We love science and especially physics! We have created the ”Science Crew” team and we conduct experiments⚗️ We are excited!😁😁 Our experiment is about Atmospheric Pressure. In this experiment, the lit candle heats the air in the bottle and when it goes out, the air cools down and the pressure decreases. There are then 2 pressures on the surface of the liquid: one from the air outside the bottle (atmospheric) and one from the air inside the bottle👍👍👍

from Afghanistan, Pakistan

teacher:  Michail Kotsiopoulos & Anastasia Papadopoulou

location: Larissa, Greece


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