Atmospheric Pressure and Carbon Dioxide!

by  Super-Natural Squad

Description :

The Super-Natural Squad is using chemistry and physics to do things that look like magic! It’s not magic though, it’s science!
With the power of fire, the fearless students of the Super-Natural Squad managed to lower the pressure inside a bottle and make a big balloon get in the bottle as if an invisible hand was pushing it!
Using a chemical reaction the team created carbon dioxide gas, which is invisible like all gases, but can blow out a candle. Carbon dioxide “pushes away” the oxygen and as usual there is no fire without oxygen!

Super-Natural Squad

Hello everyone!
Our team is consisted of 11 students (ages 9-12) that enjoy performing several science experiments and our school is located at Koutsochero Refugee Camp. Based on our different backgrounds and cultures (Afghanistan, Kurdish, Iraq) we like to exchange opinions and thoughts as well as cultural information. We are curious to comprehend physical phenomena and we love to attempt different ways to explain them. Our teacher is helping us conduct experiments with everyday material so that we can try these experiments safely at our home as well. We want to show everyone what we can do!
We are the Super – Natural Squad!

from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan

teacher:  Thanos Papathanasiou

location: Koutsochero, Greece


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on 27/05/2022

So this little magicians are in fact little scientists..Congratulations 🎉. What an amazing work.

from our Mentor

Nargis Kohgadai

on 27/05/2022

Bravo, Super-Natural Squad Team! I love magic know why....because I know that there is science behind every magic. Magic is energy and energy is in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. One of the most beautiful things about this festival is that you get to show us these experiments and that is so much cooler and more fun than just reading about them in a textbook. I also loved that everyone is participating and there are teachers who spoke different languages to assist the students. Wish you all best of luck!

Desiree Halpern

on 27/05/2022

This was so fun to watch. I'm so glad you got to experiment like real scientists! I could hear you talking about your project in English, Farsi, and Greek. Great job, squad!

from our Mentor

Dr. Rana Mustafa

on 25/05/2022

Thank you to the Super-Natural Squad team for this amazing experiment in which you learned about chemical reactions and gases. I liked watching you and the teacher talk around the circle, which gives you more energy to talk, work together, and create. I hope that this experiment taught you about your inner energy and how you can use it to make a great future.

Team Dub-Dub-A and Ms. Eva

on 25/05/2022

The Super Natural Squad team and their teacher Thanos managed to excite us with their first activity! All the students who watched the video, shouted when the balloon inflated!! Τhis experiment is definitely something we will try in our classroom!

from our Mentor

Jamal Rnjbal

on 23/05/2022

The supernatural squad is super! You managed to create carbon dioxide and then prove that you did by turning off the candle. Whatever you want to be in the future, I am sure you will manage to be very successful. Go, super Supernatural squad!