A Balloon Car!

by  The Azraq Think

Description :

The Azraq Thinkers, the coolest inventors from Azraq, Jordan, used their imagination to build their very own mini cars! They used paper, wooden sticks, and plastic caps to make them super cool and even added colorful pom-poms to make them extra fancy! Then, they added a special power source – a balloon! When they blew up the balloon and let it go, the cars zoomed forward! It was like having your own personal race car, powered by nothing but air!

The Azraq Think

We are the Azraq Think team and we really enjoy to smile! Our members are smart, kind and organised! No wonder we are great inventors as well! Enjoy our cars and make your own if you want!

from Syria

teacher:  Malaki AlZuite

location: Azraq, Jordan


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