Make A Magnetic Train!

by  The Perfect Einsteins - Οι Τέλειοι Αϊνστάιν

Description :

Have you ever seen a train that doesn’t need an engine or tracks? Well, the Perfect Einsteins from Andravida, Greece made one using magnets!

First, they learned all about magnets and how they can attract or repel things. They experimented with different magnets and saw how the opposite poles attract and the same poles repel.

Then, they used that knowledge to make their own magnetic train. They attached small magnets to a sponge representing the train and placed them on a special track made of magnets. The magnets in the track repelled the magnets on the train, making it move forward without any help from an engine or wheels.

 It’s like magic! The Perfect Einsteins showed us that science can be super cool and fun.

The Perfect Einsteins - Οι Τέλειοι Αϊνστάιν

We are a group of  students that we come from the Education and Creative Activities Center of Solidarity Now at the  controlled accommodation site of Andravida, a small town in western Greece. Our school runs with support by UNICEF. Our team is called «Οι τέλειοι Αϊνστάιν»  because it’s the scientist that all knew and loved. In our team we are children from several places such as Syria, Afghanistan and Algeria. In our group the children are 11-16 years old. We love to observe the nature and hearing music playing our favourite sports. Also we love to use our computer and smartphones to advance our technology skills.

from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan

teacher:  Nikos Patrikios

location: Andravida, Greece


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The Little Scientists & Ms. Penelope

on 25/05/2023

Μας άρεσε πάρα πολύ! Πολύ ωραία ιδέα Τέλειοι Αινστάιν!!! Θα το δοκιμάσουμε κι εμείς!

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