Experiments with light!

by  Οι Κόκκινοι - The Reds

Description :

The Reds, οι Κόκκινοι in Greek, have performed numerous experiments with light! We learned so much about reflection and refraction, the ways that light travels around us!

Οι Κόκκινοι - The Reds

We are the students of the Education and Creative Activities Center of Solidarity Now at the open accommodation site of Andravida, a small town in western Greece. Our school runs with support by UNICEF. Our team is called «Οι κόκκινοι» or “The Reds” because that is our favorite color! In our team we have children from several places such as Syria, Iraq and Palestine. In our group the children are 6-10 years old. We do many nice things in our school, yet our favorite activities are drawing and playing. When the weather is nice we like to play outside. In our free time some of us like to play football while others like to watch movies.

from Syria, Iraq, Palestine

teacher:  Nikos Patrikios

location: Andravida, Greece


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on 27/05/2022

Red team has done some of the coolest experiments with light 💡.. Bravo, on being so innovative..🤩

from our Mentor

Dr. Rana Mustafa

on 25/05/2022

Bravo The Reds for choosing such idea. Experimenting about the light is a great way to learn about physics and it is role in our life. Keep playing football and learning about your role in creating brilliant future for you and your families.

from our Mentor

Nargis Kohgadai

on 25/05/2022

Good work, The Reds! Your team is as vibrant as its name. I loved how everyone took turns to check how light travels in different mediums. I think this is a great experiment for those who are interested in physics or even medicine. I remember taking a medical course and few of the questions pertained to reflection and refraction. So glad that you all have an early start on your journey. Keep up the amazing work.

Louise Dasaro, M.S.Ed. Science United Festival Organizing Committee

on 23/05/2022

Team Reds! It was exciting to see your team working together to gather information about how light changes direction! By collecting data through multiple observations, you were able to establish the consistency of physics laws. You are scientists! Your team asked questions about how light travels and then you found answers. Continue your journey by exploring the world around you!

from our Mentor

Jamal Rnjbal

on 23/05/2022

Go Reds! You did all these experiments and showed us how different materials affect light. And did you see that rainbow in the end! Wow, I think this is one of my favorite experiments! Thank you Reds team, keep learning and experimenting. Big love from Germany!