Building Bridges to Get Together!

by  The Storks

Description :

Have you heard of the little architects from Filippiada, Greece? They’re also known as the Storks! These clever birds had a mission: they wanted to connect two cities together. But how would they do that?

They decided to try building different kinds of bridges to see which one would work best. Some bridges were too weak, and others were too wobbly. But the Storks didn’t give up. 

They kept trying and trying until they finally built a super strong bridge that could hold more than 10 kilos! Now the two cities are connected, and the Storks are like the superheroes of bridge-building.

The Storks

One teacher, six young storks from Afghanistan, Eritrea and Congo, two cities… They have to find a way to connect the two sides with a strong bridge! It’s time for action!” If this STEAM journey was a movie these words could be its trailer! We named our team after the migratory species that is often observed in Filippiada, the storks. By the way, did you know that in Greek we use also the word “λελέκι” and in Farsi the respective word is “laklak”? We got impressed actually! So we thought that nobody knows better how to bring close two cities than some children who love science and have a lot in common with these birds. And now let us share with you some of our stork‘s aces: sharp minds, cooperation, specialized equipment, lots of experimentation with consistence and patience and tadaaaa; mock up is ready and our minds are full of new knowledge and nice memories! Crisis averted and we keep learning till the next time someone needs our help!

from Afghanistan, Erytrea, Democratic Republic of Congo

teacher:  Konstantinos Iosif

location: Filippiada, Greece


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One Journey + Mr. Thanos & Amu Aziz

on 30/05/2023

Amazing job Team Storks!!
You showed us several engineering tricks during your performance.
Thank you very much for sharing this videos.
We all enjoyed and learned from it.

from our Mentor

Nargis Kohgadai

on 20/05/2023

Wow team Storks! You all have impressed me with the attention to detail and resiliency that was required for this project. I know first hand, as a scientist, that these skills are crucial to succeed in any scientific/engineering field and looks like you have mastered it. I also love the diversity in this group. Students from different continents coming together and creating magic.....I mean Science :)

from our Mentor

Dr. Rana Mustafa

on 10/05/2023

Great job The Storks team. It is impressive to see how students are able to grasp complex engineering concepts through simple and interactive teaching methods. With your awareness and dedication and hard work, I have no doubt that you will make valuable contributions to the engineering field and positively impact the future of our society.

Desiree Halpern

on 08/05/2023

Impressive! I love how you measured the strength of the sticks first and then built the bridges. Testing is a very good way to figure out a solution. Great job, Storks!